IS ANYBODY LISTENING ? | Ajas water body used as a garbage dump

We, the residents of Ajas, Bandipora, would like to draw the attention of higher authorities to the condition of a nallah which is located in the main market Ajas. It is deteriorating day by day and has become a large landfill. We now seek immediate assistance from the concerned authorities in this regard.

Residents of Ajas, Bandipora.

‘End adhocism in promotions’

The government has recently constituted a group of officers to carve out a roadmap and a way forward for ending the decades-old faulty system of adhocism in promotions. The practice of giving promotions as in charge basis without ordering regular substantive promotions has time and again been deprecated by the Supreme Court. It is a fact that except a few departments, almost all departments of J&K, are suffering because of poor human resources management. Official negligence and absence of a will is the basic cause of this failure.

Officers are running the establishment of the cadres themselves at basic levels of districts/provinces, if not at the state level. They need a comprehensive and updated human resources data and help their administrative departments to manage the system properly. Unfortunately, an engineer who gets elevated three to four times in his career without any monetary benefit of higher/highest pay and grade expires after his retirement without receiving the due in his/her lifetime. Adhocism in all these departments demoralises the enthusiasm of entry-level junior technocrats/professionals. This affects their working results. Now the government has constituted a group which will study the issue and the bottlenecks thereof and suggest the roadway/way forward for ending adhocism in promotions.

Recently, the PWD((R & B)) wing has been seen improving a lot in their HR Management, though they still need to boost it further. Power development, hydraulic and mechanical engineering departments are, as on date, lagging. This is the time that engineering fraternity should utilise their offices, position and capabilities to assist the government in carving out a methodology for eliminating adhoc in charge system in their respective wings. The senior officers who constitute the group framed by the government are well versed, and job experts in the field and it is hoped that they will carve out the best possible roadway. The higher-ups in the departments should also assist them in accomplishing their task.


Electricity shortage in Aribagh

We, the residents of Aribagh, Baghat-e-Kanipora, are facing extreme hardships due to non-availability of electricity in our area. Time and again, we had requested the PDD to look into the matter but to no avail. We once again ask the concerned authorities to take immediate action in this regard as it is causing immense inconvenience during the winter season.

Rutba Iqbal, Student,

on behalf of residents of Aribagh, Lane no. 1,

Baghat- e- Kanipora

Ladoora residents aghast over increasing dog population

We, the residents of Mohalla Gousia, Ladoora, Rafiabad, are always under fear because of the presence of a number of canines on the link road and streets of our mohalla. This has made walking on roads nearly impossible, especially for the elderly and the children. Therefore, we appeal to the authorities to do the needful in this regard.


Power shortage in Ompora, Budgam

We, the residents of Ompura, Housing Colony Ompura and adjoining areas of Budgam, appeal Executive engineer PDD Budgam, LG Administration, DC Budgam to look into the issue of unscheduled power cuts during day as well as night in the areas mentioned. It is adding to the difficulties of the residents during these harsh winters. Whenever concerned officials of the department of the area are contacted they always come up with lame excuses like there is line fault at grid station or line fault at receiving station and so on. We once again request the administration to take notice of our situation and resolve our grievance at the earliest.


Students who missed exams due to snowfall demand re-examination

We, the students, would like to bring into the notice of higher authorities that due to the recent snowfall, we missed various scheduled examinations as we could not reach our centres on time. We request the concerned authorities to allow such students to reappear for the examinations.


Residents aghast over commercialisation in Parraypora

We, the residents of Parraypora, are facing a lot of problems because of the commercialisation of the area. It is a residential area, and now there are a large number of coaching centres, restaurants and other commercial establishments functional in the area. This has caused noise pollution to increase, and accidents are also on the rise due to the reckless driving of the students. Our children and the elderly suffer due to the same. We request the authorities to stop the commercialisation of this residential area.

Mahpara Hasan Qasba

Kulgam and Shopian villages face water shortage

We, the residents of Pombay, Arreh, Nillow, Begam, Pariwan, Hariwath, Chansar, and adjacent villages of district Kulgam and Shopian are facing a lot of hardships due to non-availability of potable water. We have been suffering a lot for past many years. The concerned Jal Shakti department assured us that they would address the issue but to no avail. We request the Jal Shakti department to solve our problem and make sure it does not happen again.

Luqman Ahmad Wani

‘Constitute FRA committees properly’

We, the residents of district Kupwara, on behalf of Jammu Kashmir Gujjar Bakrwal Youth Welfare Conference, are grateful to UT as well as District administration for implementing Forest right act and making village level FRA Committees but unfortunately in many places committees have been established in a wrong manner because the thumbprint people have been nominated and educated youth have been thrown out and ignored which is great injustice with educated youth. Also, the committee for FRA has been made without informing the people of our village. Only a group of people participated in the Gram Sabha meeting, while the rest of the village was unaware. We now request the concerned authorities to look into the matter, and we hope our genuine demands would be fulfilled without any further delay.

Irshad Fidaie (Social activist)  District president JKGBYWC, Kupwara

Illahi Bagh residents demand proper drainage system

We, the inhabitants of lane no. 1, Arifeen Colony, Hafiz Bagh, Illahi Bagh behind CRPF Camp, Srinagar, are facing tremendous difficulties in the absence of proper drainage system. The entire area has been brought within the ambit of the proper drainage system except for one lane. The issue has already been taken up with the relevant authorities, but no step has been taken yet. It is requested to kindly take up the matter on humanitarian grounds and make proper arrangements for providing drainage facilities to the inhabitants of the area.

Prince Ahmad Khan, Resident